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Brush Bristle Fan Size #6

Brush Bristle Fan Size #6 1108820

Brush Chinese Basic Hard

Brush Chinese Basic Hard 1108824

Brush Chinese Basic Soft

Brush Chinese Basic Soft 1108823

Brush Chinese Size Medium Soft

Brush Chinese Size Medium Soft 1108822

Brush Chinese Size Small Soft

Brush Chinese Size Small Soft 1108821

Clear Brush On Glaze

This user-friendly clear glaze may be applied over Claybright or other underglazes. Great for repairs or touching up during glazing.   4109001

Abbots Universal Medium

4109000   This medium is the basis of Abbots brush-on clear glaze.   Any glaze material can be dispersed in this medium (rather than in water) to produce a thixotropic gel suited to brush application.  This enables multiple coats of glaze of...

Laguna Dry White Glaze SG-138 - 1kg

Laguna Dry White Glaze (Opeque)SG-138 - 1kgThis basic white contains no zinc. It is an excellent glaze for brush work. Good base for stain additions to produce pastel colors. Best in oxidation or light reduction.Cone 5 9990128      ...

Claybright Underglaze Dark Blue

Claybright Underglazes are precisely formulated give consistently reliable results.  They are the underglaze paint of choice in most New Zealand ceramic painting studios and are easily managed by absolute beginners.  They have excellent shelf-life, are easy to apply.    They...