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.Shimpo De-Airing Pug Mill - NVA-04S

Nidec-Shimpo Corporation


The NVA-04S pugmill features newly designed twin augers and a forceful direct gear driven motor for remarkable extruding capability that produces air-free clay and increases clay workability. It features an all-stainless interior for use with porcelain and other light colored clay bodies. The high quality wedging and extruding capacity obtained makes this compact pugmill one of the most efficient and competitive on the market.

Dimensions: 36" x 16 ½" x 29 ½"
Weight: 320 lbs.
Motor: ½ HP, 400W, 230 VAC, 60Hz Single Phase
Extruding Capacity: 440 lbs./hour
Nozzle Diameter: 3 ½ diameter
Structure: Twin Auger
Hopper: 5.5"
Vacuum: Oil-Type Vacuum Pump