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Laguna Cool Blush Porcelain Casting Slip NS-120 - 1 US Gallon (3.79 lt.)


Laguna Cool Blush Porcelain Casting Slip NS-120
(3.79 lt.)

After slip casting and when fired to Cone 6; this self-supporting doll casting slip presents a traditional Caucasian flesh color (a hint of pink).


Certified Non-Toxic

Laguna Fine Ferro filtered Porcelain Slips are ideal for dolls and other high-end porcelain applications.

These Cone 5-6 liquid slips are carefully screened and ferro filtered for exceptional purity.

These are perfect for highlighting and accentuating.

Prepared in a special suspension solution for an easy, even application.

Can be used for drawing designs and patterns under or over the glaze application.

These oxides do not contain lead and are safe for food and beverage containers when properly fired.


Cone: 5-6
Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 12%
Avg. Absorbtion 0%