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Laguna Crystal Blossom Mint Coffee WC-164 - 1 US Pint


Laguna Crystal Blossom Glaze - Cone 5
Mint Coffee Glaze WC-164

These spectacular crystals are wonderfully three-dimensional.
While some crystalline glazes seem "impossible," by using these glazes and the following firing schedule, you'll be amazed at the beautiful crystals that will appear!
This firing schedule may require adjustment in different kilns and under varying conditions.
Select from stock colors, or blend your own choice of stain or oxide to the base glaze, WC-160.
These glazes are lead free and certified nontoxic.
Excellent crystal growth results in slightly raised crystal structure-Laguna recommends a more durable choice for high abraision areas of dinnerware sets.

Lavender Filigree is the base glaze for the Crystal Blossom series glazes.

Crystalline Glaze Firing Schedule
There is no such thing as a foolproof firing schedule for crystalline glazes, but here is a good place to start for Cone 5:

Segment Rate Temp. Hold
1 250°/hour 650°c 0
2 350°/hour 1170°c 0
3 25°/hour 1185°c 0
4 9999 setting 1060°c  3 hrs.