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Laguna Versa 5 Glaze Bright Yellow MS-320 - 1 US Pint / 1.5kg Dry


Laguna Versa Glaze - Cone 5
Bright Yellow Glaze MS-320

1 US Pint / 1.5kg Dry

An Innovative System of Cone 5 Glazes and Underglazes.
Achieve the vivid colors reminiscent of the richly decorated majolica wares made during the Italian renaissance.
Enjoy fluid consistency as stand-alone glazes on bisque.
Realize brilliant underglaze colors at Cone 5, previously thought possible only in low-fire ceramics, Cone 5 glazes, underglazes and majolica. Use the 21 Versa 5 colors straight from the jar, or mix them into thousands of different colors and hues.

Clear Base is the base glaze for the Versa 5 series glazes.

9990510 / 9991022