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Coyote Crystal Lagoon


Crystalline Slow-Cool Glazes Cone 6

One of the most dramatic glazes available, Crystal Lagoon varies from deep cobalt blue where thick to brown where thin, and grows large blue crystals when slow cooled.

Crystalline Slow Cool 
Glazes are a great way to add exciting new details to your work.  They are less runny than traditional crystal glazes, removing the need for a drip tray, and can be fired with other, non-crystal glazes.  They do still run, so take care with your application!


Follow the direction.

5 Ramps

Ramp 1.   40 °/hr to 104 °

Ramp 2.   180 °/hr to 1093 °

Ramp 3.   65 °/hr to 1204 °  hold for 15mins

Ramp 4.   260 °/hr to 1170 ° hold for 15mins

Ramp 5.   52 °/hr to 760 ° 

    Visit our safety page for more information.
Not recommended for use on foodware.