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Laguna Dry Glazes .... Cone 5-10 ............. Crystal Palace #10 WC‑561 - 1kg


Laguna Dry Glaze - Cone 5-10
Crystal Palace #10 Crystal Blossom WC-561

Spectacular glaze with remarkable crystalline effects when fired at Cone 7 to Cone 10. Results are inconsistent and erratic but always exciting! Additions of 1-3% rutile, titanium dioxide and cobalt with additions of zinc will enhance the effect.

Crystalline Glaze Firing Schedule
There is no such thing as a foolproof firing schedule for crystalline glazes, but here is a good place to start for Cone 5:

Segment Rate Temp. Hold
1 250°/hour 1250°F 0
2 350°/hour 2275°F 0
3 25°/hour 2300°F 0
4 9999 setting 1950°F  3 hrs.