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.Bright Yellow Pen TM-622 UNDER GLAZE - 1oz.


Axner Underglaze Pens: developed for cone 05 and 06 firings, however most of the colors do quite well at much higher temperatures.
Our own testing has yielded the following results:

  • Cone 06 - 04: All colors remain strong and vibrant
  • Cone 6: Most colors remain strong and vibrant. Exceptions: Chartreuse, Light Yellow, Pink, Lilac, and Light Pink are weak. Greens, Peach Sun, and Purple Maroon change color somewhat.
  • Cone 10: Same as cone 6 with the following exceptions: Chartreuse, Lilac, Pink, Peach, and Light Pink completely disappear.

Axner Underglaze Pen Instructions:
Axner Underglaze Pens are simple devices that are easy to use.
The metal tips are kept clean and open with a metal pin.
Keep this metal pin in the tip when the pen is not in use.
If your tip does become clogged, run the pin and water through it to clean the passage way.

When you first get your Axner Underglaze Pen you may need to vigorously shake it in order to get the underglaze to an even consistency.
If your pen sits for weeks or months unused you may have to repeat this procedure again.

When using the Axner Underglaze Pen, maintain a small amount of squeezing pressure on the pen as you move the tip over the clay surface.
Once underglaze is applied it can still be manipulated on your clay form.
You can spread it with your finger or with other tools.
Thus you can maintain sharply defined lines as well as soft and shaded areas.
In short, your decorating process can be similar to other paint, pastel or chalk processes.

The metal tips of the Axner Underglaze Pen create their own thread as they screw onto the plastic tip of the pen.
The top of the pen may be unscrewed so that the pen may be refilled with replacement Axner Underglaze.

Note: Only food safe if a food-safe clear glaze is applied over these underglazes.