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..Bright Green Pen TM-672 OVER GLAZE - 1oz. *** Special Offer ***


Use Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pens to draw over previously glazed and fired pottery. Refire the ware to cone 05 (even if it was previously fired to a much higher temperature) for a beautiful overglaze relief. Axner Glaze/Overglaze Pens may also be applied over pottery with no glaze at all for a spectacular finish.


"Axner's overglazes work perfectly for my purposes.
They dry rock hard and thus are impervious to handling before firing.
Plus any mistakes can be easily erased by scraping away the overglaze before firing.
And they mix well in order to obtain colors that aren't available in your catalog such as tertiary colors.
They can be layered without loss of detail (they don't bleed into each other) and can be fired multiple times without loss of color intensity."

"Laying 2 colors next to each other and then drawing the pen tip back and forth through the colors will pull the overglazes through each other.
An infinite variety of patterns can be obtained depending on how the pen tip (or for that matter any like instrument) is moved through the overglaze.
After a pattern is completed, you can also add white and by drawing the pen tip through it, enhance the marbling as well as obtain a lighter value.
The results can be seen in the details of some of my mandala bowls."