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Coyote Crystal Celadon


Crystalline Slow-Cool Glazes Cone 6

A translucent soft green with pale crystals. Crystals grow best on smooth, white clay.

Crystalline Slow Cool 
Glazes are a great way to add exciting new details to your work.  They are less runny than traditional crystal glazes, removing the need for a drip tray, and can be fired with other, non-crystal glazes.  They do still run, so take care with your application!



Follow the direction.

5 Ramps

Ramp 1.   40 °/hr to 104 °

Ramp 2.   180 °/hr to 1093 °

Ramp 3.   65 °/hr to 1204 °  hold for 15mins

Ramp 4.   260 °/hr to 1170 ° hold for 15mins

Ramp 5.   52 °/hr to 760 ° 



    Visit our safety page for more information.
Not recommended for use on foodware.