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Palladium Lustre LC-2022G (2g)


Palladium Lustre LC-2022G (2g)

Laguna offers high quality European metallic lustres available in two popular colours.
The 8% concentration of metal exceed most other products on the market and provides excellent coverage and brilliant results.

Palladium may seem like a new metal but, in this fact, its history goes back several centuries. Palladium reached its peak of popularity in Europe and the USA in the 1920s when the Art Deco style was in its heyday.

The history of Silver as precious material is just as old as the one of gold. Silver was highly valued as a very special noble metal.

COMBUSTABLE: Keep out of the reach of children
Harmful if swallowed
If swallowed, call physician
Can irritate skin and eyes

WARNING: Contains Turpentine Oil
Use adequate ventilation

Fires to Cone 019-018 (Approx: 678 ˚c to 715˚c)