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Pot Silk Porcelain 10kg

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Pot Silk Porcelain Clay 10kg

10kg Pug

Cone 5 - 10


Super pure white porcelain.

Very high Kaolin(China Clay) content.


Please look on Jinho's Work at the last photo.


Just Suggestion:

I do not wedge the bag of Pot Silk.

I use it straight on the wheel.

I like find a good timing for trimming which is recommend when it quite wet, or Just right before total drying with very sharp trimming tools.  

Throwing Characteristics by Duncan Shearer
Very smooth, stiff, short, throws well once used to it

Wood Fired Soda Glazed Characteristics by Duncan Shearer
Very white, glossy, no flashing. Carbon traps with heavy soda.
1:1:1 - shows warm tones, picks up soda
Bauer - shows no effect